Synchro - The Cloud-Based Mobile App Platform

Native mobile apps, running under Node.js, in the cloud

Synchro is a revolutionary new platform that allows enterprise developers to create high quality, high performance, cross-platform native mobile applications using simple and familiar tools - JavaScript and the Node.js framework. You can use Synchro to create apps that install and run on mobile devices, but where all of your application code, including client interaction logic, runs in the cloud.

To get an idea of what Synchro is and how it works, see the Introduction to Synchro.

You can install Synchro Server, generate a simple app, and run it, in just a few commands:

$ npm install -g synchro
$ synchro init
$ synchro new hello
$ npm start

For detailed instructions on playing with real Synchro apps and getting a Synchro Server environment installed locally, see Getting Started.

For even more information, visit Synchro Labs, Inc. or the GitHub repository for Synchro Server.

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Synchro - The Cloud-Based Mobile App Platform


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