This tutorial will walk you through the core concepts of Synchro, demonstrating them one at at time, mostly in code. Each step of the tutorial builds on the previous step, with the changes between steps highlighted. And each step contains images that show you what the code is doing on screen.

For an overview of Synchro and the design behind it, see our Technology page.

If you’d like to install your own Synchro Server and run the tutorial code, first follow the “Test Drive” instructions on our Get Started page, then install the code from the Synchro Tutorial GitHub project.

If you would like to explore the tutorial app, but don’t want to install it locally, you can either point Synchro Explorer (available in all app stores) at the endpoint for a native experience, or go the web version of the app hosted at from a desktop or mobile browser.

The Tutorials menu should look like this:


Of course you are welcome to just browse the tutorial pages that follow without installing or running anything.

Get Started - Hello 1: Static View