The listview control is one of several controls (including listbox and picker) that operate on a JavaScript array in the ViewModel. The listview iterates the array to which it is bound, and creates a list element with a corresponding view item container for each item in the underlying array. The “context” of the view for each item is the corresponding array member. For more details, see the “Binding Context” discussion in Data Binding.

In the example below, we have bound a listview in the View to the “people” array in the ViewModel. The itemTemplate defines the view for each item in the list.

Note that there is an image control in our item view, which we populate using the value from the Synchro.getResourceUrl helper function. For more information, see: Static Resources.

Module: list1.js - View on GitHub

var imgUser = Synchro.getResourceUrl("user.png");

exports.InitializeViewModel = function(context, session, params, state)
    return {
        people: [
             { first: "Betsy", last: "Braddock" }, 
             { first: "Steven", last: "Rogers" }, 
             { first: "Natasha", last: "Romanoff" }, 
             { first: "Tony", last: "Stark" }, 
             { first: "Wade", last: "Wilson" }, 

exports.View =
    title: "List 1",
        { control: "stackpanel", orientation: "Vertical", width: "*", contents: [
            { control: "listview", select: "Single", width: "*", binding: "people", itemTemplate:
                { control: "stackpanel", orientation: "Horizontal", width: "*", padding: 5, contents: [
                    { control: "image", resource: imgUser, height: 50, width: 50, verticalAlignment: "Center" },
                    { control: "stackpanel", orientation: "Vertical", contents: [
                        { control: "text", value: "{first}" },
                        { control: "text", value: "{last}" },
                    ] },
                ] },
        ] },

This module will appear as below:

List 1

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